Tokyo Gourmet Trip --Souvenirs

Stuff we have brought home.

Tokyo Gourmet Trip --Day 9 Part 2

Wednesday 20 May 2009

After the lunch, we had to pop back to the hotel straight away as the Limousin bus left the hotel at 3pm for the airport. We had booked the tickets and checked out already. So we just picked up our luggage from the reception at waited outside for the bus.

Our flight was on early morning tomorrow so we decided to stay in an airport hotel in Narita and visit the Aeon shopping mall ( with a big Jusco supermarket) at Narita tonight.

Farewell Tokyo. I'll be back.

After checking in at Holiday Inn Narita, we popped onto the free shuttle bus to shopping mall from the hotel.

On arrival, we headed to the food court straight away. I was so excited to find the branch of this chained Takoyaki shop. I planned to try it in Ginza yesterday but was so full that day hence gave it a miss. I got to try in today.

Gindako 築地銀だこ

Mister Donut again.

We finally got a chance to try the ticket machine at a Ramen shop.

Here we goes. We got everything we wanted and started on our dinner at a food court for the first time in Japan. Still can't understand why they don't have seating area in all the department stores food hall.

After a quick yet nice dinner, We did a bit shopping at Jusco and grabbed some stuff to bring back home.

Simon also got some pieces of cakes for breakfast tomorrow.

This has ended our wonderful and memorable trip in Tokyo. We love Japan so much that it's almost certain we will come back soon. I love their people, the food, the transport, the technology and everything else

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Tokyo Gourmet Trip --Day 9 Part 1 ( Shinjuku)

Thursday 21 May 2009

Today was our last day in Tokyo. A bit sad.

Finished the packing, we hit the tube to get to the Honda Welcome Plaza at Aoyoma Itchome (only 2 stops from Shinjuku on Toei Oedo Line) before lunch. Highlight would have been the Asimo demonstration. Unfortunately, we missed the previous one. It only took place 3 times a day and the next one would be too late. We checked out some of the Honda models and played on the riding simulator for a while then headed back to Shinjuku.

We then came to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. A trip to the observatory on the 45th floor is a must and it's free! It overlooks the whole city. On a nice day, you might be able to see the Fuji Mount. Oh, the lift was very fast and made by Mitsubishi.

We could see the Tokyo Tower from here.

It's now lunch time and we headed to the building nearby. It's so exciting as we had waited for this lunch for days. The restaurant was located on 51st floor.

As we waited outside for our table to be set, the chef came out to take order from us. He spoke Chinese. Excellent. He explained to me the differences between each set menu and only one of them was Japanese Wagyu. It was the most expensive set but we got to try it. So we ordered a set of Japanese Wagyu and one set of Australian steak to taste the differences.

The steak on the left was Australian and the one on the right is Japanese Wagyu.

We were served by the same chef in a private room looking over Shinjuku. He first fried 2 giant Scallop on the Teppan. Incredible freshness. He then started to work on the crispy deep-fried garlic slices. These are a perfect match with the Kobe beef.

The view at the back was fantastic. Even better at night I suppose. We were first served with the Australian steak. The chef cut the steak into cubes effortlessly. They were actually quite tender, the most tender sirloin steak I have had.

Then comes the legendary Kobe beef. What can I say! It's a perfect balance of meat and fat. Every bites were full of oiliness and juiciness. To whoever will ask, yes they melt in the mouth.

Set menu B ( Australian sirloin with seafood)--4200円
Japanese Wagyu--10,500円

The bill came in a total of just under 150,000 ( £100). Expensive, but worth every penny.

Tokyo Gourmet Trip --Day 8 Part 2 ( Ikebukuro 池袋)

Wednesday 20 May 2009

We didn't stay too long in Ginza before setting off to Ikebukuro (池袋). We found Haagen-Dazs in Ikebukuro station. I stopped to see if there were any special Japanese flavours. As I had expected, they did Green Tea ice cream. How could I possibly give it a miss?

Look at that. What a gorgeous colour. Like other Haagen-Dazs ice cream, very smooth and with a strong green tea flavour which I like. I hate those stuffs that claim to be green tea flavoured but do not taste like green tea at all except being green in colour.

Simon got this. I don't remember what it was. I think it's mango ice cream in cream.

Sitting on top of Ikebukuro station to the west is Tobu Department store (东武). In the basement is Tokyo's largest food hall with 2 floors and hundreds of stalls. My favourite section of course is the exquisite Japanese confectioneries.

On the lower floor are meat and delicatessen.

Wagyu beef again. They enjoy a lifestyle of massages and beer to get those marbles. We would try it on Tepanyaki tomorrow. Can't wait.

Bizzarrely, we didn't buy anything from the food hall. We were overwhelmed by the choices.

Matsumoto. Japanese version of Boots. They were all over Japan.

Hello Kitty shop.

Manga shops everywhere.

Saw KFC for the first time. I tried very hard to keep Simon from going in.

We came into Amlux, a Toyota showroom with 4 floors. Not as big as Mega Web in Odaiba but the biggest in City centre.

This was a Hybrid Synergy Drive game to test how green/economic your driving is and I FAILED.

Here comes Simon's favouriate section--the Fomula 1 section. The engine used in Formula 1, not sure which season though but it's a V8.

Bridgestone tyres slicks and wets were on display, as well as brake discs.

A picture of the floor panel (under tray) of a Forumla 1 car.

On my itineary, we planned to get to the Namja Town in Sunshine City to visit the Icecream city. Yet we were tired and hungry by this time and decided to give a miss. We realized that we hadn't try sushi on the conveyor belt yet. Therefore, we asked the lady at the information at Sunshine city for a recommendation and direction to the closet one. This was the one she recommended.

I noticed in the past few days that in Japan, Sushi on the conveyor belt was so cheap that you wouldn't believe it. In most of these restaurants, there was one single price for each plate from salmon to uni or Toro. It was for example 120 yen for each plate in this one.

Uni (sea urchine) sushi that melt in your mouth instantly, almost as fresh as those in the fish market.

Unagi ( eel) sushi. So generous that the eels cover the sushi rice completely.

Ikura ( salmon roe) sushi.

Simon fell in love with sushi in Japan.

So full we were now and decided to wander around Ikebukuro before popping back to the hotel. This was the Bic Camera building, a giant electronic store. I like the design of the building with the numbers on the huge "mobile phone" showing the floor directory.

Tokyo Gourmet Trip --Day 8 Part 1 ( Ginza 银座)

Wednesday 20 May 2009

After a light breakfast in our room today, we rushed to Ginza for the Kobe burger for an early lunch. The restaurant opened at 11am and we must get there before 11 to queue as the number of the Kobe burgers were limited every day (for lunch only) and they said that they were usually sold out in the first 10 minutes. Whether it's true or not, since we came all the way to try it we couldn't afford to miss it.

To make it even more efficient, I googled the place on google map before this trip so that I knew exactly where to go. Coming out of this station, the restaurant was only 5 minutes on foot.

It was 10 to 11am and there was already a queue. The second we joined in the queue, there were about 10 people behind us also joined in.

Gyuan 牛庵--銀座6-13-6

A few minutes later, the host lady started to take the order so that our food is ready by the time we are seated. The queue in front of us ( not a lot).

The queue behind us ( a long queue).

My Kobe burger set ( 和風ハンバーグ), 990 yen, excellent value of money. The texture was so soft that it didn't taste like a normal burger.

Served very hot.

Simon's Kobe beef set menu. 3500 yen. The most expensive set on the lunch menu and not disappointing. Very juicy. There were 3 different sauces for dipping. The one in the middle was awesome. I don't remember what that was though.

Very full now, we were back on the main streets at Ginza and visited the Nissan Gallery.

The Skyline was on display as we walked in. Simon had been waiting for a long time to see and get inside this car. The Skyline had a lot of small little gadgets that are often found in some modern day Japanese cars like the reverse camera, which is a good idea for all those short people that can't see out of the rear window. The Skyline was one of 2 cars in the showroom, so we didn't spend too much time there as the other car was locked up and on a stand. Upstairs was all of Nissan's accessories, range from small models, soft toys, key rings, jackets etc etc etc....the list goes on and on.

Wako department store. The iconic building of Ginza. Ginza's a luxury shopping area with heaps of department stores and designer boutiques. It' more pleasant to do shopping over here at weekends when some of the main streets are close to traffic.

The SONY building with eight stories of high-tech gadgets showing the newest products by SONY that could be available in the UK years later. If you like gadgets, it's a heaven.

Pictures were not allowed inside unfortunately.

It was actually quite a warm day today. After climbing 8 floors in the Sony building, we fancied some sweet. And I saw Fujiya. Perfect timing.

Ice cream with mix fruits and a cup of syrup to add flavours.

Simon's ice cream. Mouthwatering isn't it?